Here are some of the best homebrew gba roms we could find. We’ve only listed some of the best gba roms that we think you will enjoy. They’re completely legal & free to download. Gaming does not have to be expensive to be good!

We know that a lot of the following links are broken, unfortunately. This will be due to the developers of the games having shut down their sites or removed their games.  At some point we will go through this list and add/ remove items, but in the meantime please accept our apologies.


POWERPIGA pig with a gravity gun that defeats the animals to reach the next stage!FREEDOWNLOAD
WAIMANUA puzzle where you need to smash blocks into your enemiesFREEDOWNLOAD
A WEREWOLF TALEA werewolf with special jumping abilities who needs to defeat the enemies in the castle to fight to the next levelFREEDOWNLOAD
HOLY HELLBlast through a load of blocks to stay in the game!FREEDOWNLOAD
BEERJEWELLEDA puzzle where you match the beverages in a chilled environment.FREEDOWNLOAD
REAXIONSave a nuclear power plant reacting to a nasty computer virus!FREEDOWNLOAD
ABSOLUTE ZEDShoot the enemies while avoiding the obstacles!FREEDOWNLOAD
5NAKEEat the fruit to keep growing! A classic legal gameboy rom.FREEDOWNLOAD
HEXAVIRUSActivate all the viruses with a limited number of injections! A game made by one of our licensors!FREEDOWNLOAD
BALLISTIC V1.0A futuristic style of football/air hockey navigated by hovercrafts.FREEDOWNLOAD
BERUBounce past enemies, collecting jewels and hurling across vast landscapes - one of the best homebrew gba roms! FREEDOWNLOAD
CHESSYKAPlay chess against a gba computer or human vs human.FREEDOWNLOAD
CODENAME HACKERA cool gba game where you collect computer chips, avoid enemies and use obstacles to navigate through the motherboard! Developed by Alkemaul, one of our licensors!FREEDOWNLOAD
CRUISING ON BROADWAYCruise around the retro runway while avoiding the red enemy!FREEDOWNLOAD
DON'T ERASE METry to stay in the square so you don't get erased!FREEDOWNLOAD
ELIMINATORFly in a futuristic dimension, avoiding obstacles and shooting enemies! A very typical arcade-style gameboy rom.FREEDOWNLOAD
GEMINIA tile-matching minigame similar to beerjewelled with cool music.FREEDOWNLOAD
THRUSTTravel through space destroying the enemies with your spacecraft!FREEDOWNLOAD
URANUS 2Battle the enemy spacecraft with your fighter, making it to the next stages!FREEDOWNLOAD
CRITICAL VELOCITYRace around with a futuristic car in a cool 2D race track!FREEDOWNLOAD
BATTLESHIPBattleship, just like the classic game, but play against the computer!FREEDOWNLOAD
ANGUNAThis GBA rom is already pre-installed on the retrospex 32! An alternative to the classic legend of zelda, featuring swords, booby traps, bow & arrows, and battles with all sorts of enemies! In our opinion, it's one of the best homebrew gba games.FREEDOWNLOAD
HIEROGLYPHIC MANVaguely similar to super mario bros, collecting the coins as you avoid obstacles and enemy fire.FREEDOWNLOAD
LUMINOUSA tetris style game boy advance game with some awesome music!FREEDOWNLOAD
MICROSHOOTERShoot down enemy spacecraft in this arcade style retro 1980's shooter! Simple and fun.FREEDOWNLOAD
MOONQUAKEClear the 10 levels of rubble using explosives! A simple and fun game similar to the classic bomberman gba game!FREEDOWNLOAD
NIGHT HAWKDestroy the enemy helicopters and military vehicles while avoiding their fire! A great free gameboy advance homebrew rom.FREEDOWNLOAD
OPERATION SNOWXmas game - shoot at all the evil santas while avoiding the good guys.FREEDOWNLOAD
SANTA'S CHIMNEY CHALLENGEXmas game - drop presents into the chimneys to be in time for xmas.FREEDOWNLOAD
SCANBOYScan the bits of code while avoiding the enemies.FREEDOWNLOAD
SNAKESee how long you can last eating the fruits and growing until you eventually crash into yourself! Snake is one of the best classic gba games.FREEDOWNLOAD
WONKIE GUYThis gameboy advance game is already installed on the retrospex 32 console! A winner of a GBAX coding competition.FREEDOWNLOAD
STREET RACINGA fun and simple navigation gba game! Navigate through the road while avoiding the cars and picking up fuel. After a while, a police car will chase you, so try to avoid it and make it crash into one of the oncoming cars!FREEDOWNLOAD
MAZEZAMIncluded on the retrospex 32 console! A game where you need to navigate through the blocks by moving the obstables. Also available on other platforms.FREEDOWNLOAD




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