Getting games for the Retrospex 32 is a very simple process that takes very little time. With its copy & paste installation method, downloading & installing games couldn’t be any easier. All it requires is an SD card and a computer.



To download games:


1. Visit the GBA downloads page.

2. Find a game you want.

3. Click on the corresponding download button next to the game description.

(Note: depending on your browser, a popup window might appear asking you to press OK (to authorise the download) or Cancel (to cancel the download) – in this case, click OK. If your computer asks you to run or open the file, do not try to open or run the file because your computer will not be able to run it.)


After you have successfully downloaded a game, to install it:


1. Insert an SD card into your computer.

2. Open the SD card directory on your computer.

3. Create a new folder called ‘GAMES’.

4. Copy the ‘.GBA’ game file you downloaded & paste it into the new ‘GAMES’ folder.



  • for step 1, if your computer does not have an SD card slot (this is unlikely), you can purchase an SD card reader.
  • for step 2, after inserting the SD card, a pop up might appear – click on ‘Open’. Or if no pop up appears, go to ‘My Computer’ (by pressing the Windows flag key and ‘E’ simultaneously) and select the SD card disk drive. Access will differ with a Mac or Linux operating system.
  • for step 3, right click > ‘New’ > ‘Folder’ – will differ on a Mac or Linux operating system.
  • for step 4, to copy the file, right click > ‘Copy’ – to paste the file in the folder, right click > ‘Paste’ – will differ on a Mac or Linux operating system.)


Don’t forget to insert the SD card into the console after installing any games! If you have any difficulties getting games for the Retrospex 32, it’s worth checking the FAQ section.