The Retrospex 32 is very simple to use with a basic user interface.



After the Retrospex 32 has been turned on, the initial list of pre-installed games and the SD card option will appear. To load a game, scroll through the game list by using the D-pad to navigate up and down the list or left and right to access the next game list. When you have found a game you want to play, press the ‘A’ button to load the game.



To exit a game, press the ‘SELECT’ and ‘Y’ buttons simultaneously. Then press the ‘A’ button to exit the game, or alternatively press the ‘B’ button to return to the game. Remember, consider saving the game before you exit it if you want to save any progress.



To access the games installed on an SD card, insert the SD card into the Retrospex 32. After turning on the console, choose the SD card option from the game list . Then press the ‘A’ button to access the SD card’s game list. Then you can select a game from the list.


Note: if you have any difficulties using the Retrospex 32, it’s worth checking the FAQ section.