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Gaming doesn’t need to be expensive to ge good! Bring back retro 32-bit gaming with the Retrospex® 32 handheld gaming system – a fun and interactive console! The huge amount of freely available homebrew 32-bit roms in ‘.GBA’ format allow you to download and play retro masterpieces – or with classics and competition winners already installed, just enjoy the pre-installed games. With its TV-output function and long AV cable, you can even display games on a TV!

This product is designed to be practical and hassle-free: its basic operating system makes extra game installation easy; its simple interface allows easy navigation; and its straightforward design allows easy coordination. It also comes with 4 pre-installed games, and you get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Plays Game Boy® Advance games
Comes with 4 pre-installed games (Qwak™, Anguna, Wonkie Guy & MazejaM)
Extra games (if wanted) can easily be downloaded & installed for free (large selection available – click here to see how to download & install games)
Can connect to and play games on a TV
Very economical: save lots of money as no need to buy games (like with other consoles!)
SD card (not included) is needed to install additional games
Games are tiny in file size, meaning you can fit thousands of games on SD cards with small memory capacities
Incompatible with tangible cartridges

Note: if you’re concerned about being able to download & install extra games, we include a game-installation guarantee that guarantees you can install at least 10 extra games or we’ll give you a full refund. You could also download games before buying.

Sound: built-in speaker and audio slot (for headphones/earphones) as outputs; basic slider to adjust volume
Controls: 6 buttons, with practical d-pad
Charging: USB slot
Data: SD card slot
TV: AV cable slot
Power: on/off/reset switch

Console can display its output screen on most standard TVs
Very easy to do: just plug the TV cable into your console and to your TV, select the input, and it should work
Click here to see a detailed page about how to do it
The included TV cable is 3m long, giving you enough room to sit relatively far back from the TV and play

Console Size: 152*16*65mm
Screen Size: 58*44mm
Box Size: 190*55*100mm
TV Cable Length: 3m

4 pre-installed Games
3m TV Cable
User Manual
USB Charging Cable
UK Charger Plug
Gift Box


Legal disclaimer: this product is not manufactured by Nintendo of America Inc. All trademarks are the intellectual property of their respective owners.