Here are some of the best homebrew nes roms we could find. We’ve only listed some of the best NES roms that we think you will enjoy. They’re completely legal & free to download. Gaming does not have to be expensive to be good!

Note: you’ll need a NES emulator to play these 8-bit roms roms, which is compatible with our usb nes controller!

The following games are compatible with NES emulators and are completely legal nes roms to download:

ALTER EGOA clever game where you have to control the man and his shadow (that moves in the opposite direction!).FREEDOWNLOAD
BLADE BUSTERFun and simple - shoot the enemies while avoid getting hit yourself - addictive!FREEDOWNLOAD
DOUBLE ACTION BLASTER GUYSAn awesome homebrew shooter game where you jump around and kill the enemies to proceed to the next level!FREEDOWNLOAD
DRIARRun around and collect the stars while avoiding the enemies.FREEDOWNLOAD
FALLDOWNKeep up with the camera by navigating the ball down in time (no sound).FREEDOWNLOAD
FIGHTER F-8000Shoot down the enemy planes (no sound).FREEDOWNLOAD
FOREHEAD BLOCK GUYThrow blocks at enemies to overturn them and then pounce.FREEDOWNLOAD
GALAXXON - THE THIRD WARAnother classic shooter game - fire at the enemies! FREEDOWNLOAD
LAN MASTERConnect the wires to the computers before the time runs out! With cool chiptune music.FREEDOWNLOAD
LAWN MOWERCut the grass & don't run out of fuel!FREEDOWNLOAD
METEOR GUARDA very basic but fun game - just shoot the incoming meteors!FREEDOWNLOAD
FOR POINTSWhy did the chicken cross the road? For points! Cross the road but avoid the cars, of you'll die.FREEDOWNLOAD
MILIONESYA 'who wants to be a millionaire' style quiz, but with questions about retro gaming & Nintendo!FREEDOWNLOAD
MINE SHAFTDescend down the mine, but not too fast otherwise you'll die! (no sound).FREEDOWNLOAD
VIRUS CLEANERAvoid the enemies and collect the bits to defeat the virusses.FREEDOWNLOAD
NESNAKEA great snake game, colours, music, obstables, pathways & more - a classic!FREEDOWNLOAD
PURPLE CAPE MANRun along while avoiding or killing the enemies!FREEDOWNLOAD
S.T.I.N.GA cool arcade-style nes retro shooter! Battle against gravity, the enemies and more!FREEDOWNLOAD
SGT. HELMET - TRAINING DAYRun along while avoiding or killing the enemies!FREEDOWNLOAD
SNAIL MAZENavigate the snail through the maze within the time limit!FREEDOWNLOAD
SOLAR WARSTravel through the scoarched earth, firing at the earth when it's impossible to climb.FREEDOWNLOAD
STREEMERZClimb to the top by throwing streamers and climbing them, avoiding enemies and more. A great nes homebrew game!FREEDOWNLOAD
TIC TAC XOThe classic tic tac toe, but a homebrew nes version.FREEDOWNLOAD
WRAITHA fun shooter - shoot the tanks & enemy aircraft!FREEDOWNLOAD
ZOOMING SECRETARYAnswer the phone calls in time.FREEDOWNLOAD
CHASEA pacman-style nes rom - but collect the bits and avoid the enemies!FREEDOWNLOAD
D-PAD HEROVery much like the guitar hero with the dance mat for the nintendo wii, but this one uses a nes controller!FREEDOWNLOAD
INVERSIONWhat a cool nes game! Collect all the keys from each map to open the doors to go to the next level. Features a great 'inverting' interface!FREEDOWNLOAD
JET PACO - SPACE AGENTAnother great homebrew nes rom - find the energonia crystals to power spaceships. Fly around with zero gravity and avoid the enemies!FREEDOWNLOAD
ASSIMILATEAbduct creatures while avoiding being hit.FREEDOWNLOAD
HAKU NO TSURIFish in a casual lake with some pokemon-style graphics.FREEDOWNLOAD
INVADERS MUST DIEKill the enemy spaceships and don't let any of them reach the ground!FREEDOWNLOAD



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