OK, so here is the walk-through on how to play GAMEBOY (and GAMEBOY COLOR) ROM’s on the console.

First things first, you’ll need to download a small piece of software. This software will allow you to add downloaded ROM’s to the console.

NB – and we’ll get this out of the way at this point. We can’t be held responsible for, well, anything that happens to your console, computer or anything else really. We’re only providing links that we believe to be safe. Just saying!!

OK, so the software is called Goomba and here are a couple of places to try;


So assuming you’ve grabbed a copy of Goomba you’ll need to unzip it and then run it.

Now you just have to fiddle with the settings.

gameboy roms

gameboy roms

Output file, input file etc – all straight forward.

I’d uncheck the splash screen (top right). Well, some people like adverts, I guess.

You can find the ROM’s in plenty of places. We like

Unzip downloaded ROM’s to a file on your PC.

Right, so you add your ROM’s from the “dd GB/GBC Games” section. When you’ve select them you just click “Add->” and hey presto they move to the box on the right.

Hot compile and you’re done!! Well you then have to find the file you saved it as and then copy to the SD card, but..

Now – it took me 3 times to get this right. I reckon you can do it in 2 or maybe even 1. Come on, you can do it – and there are loads of videos out there to help you.


Oh and, errm, yeah – normal copyright stuff. Ok that’s enough said.