Retrospex Console Save Games

In this section we will explain how you can save your games progress on the RETROSPEX 32 CONSOLE.

It’s been said that you can’t save games on the console – this is untrue, you can.

Of course, the ROM in question must have an inbuilt save game function. Some games just don’t have this function, but an awful lot of them do.

Caveat – We have tried this on numerous games and have found it to work – you may come across a game that doesn’t work.

Ok, so let’s get down to it…

Start your game from the SD card in the normal way.

If the game asks you to select a save game slot then choose one.  All of this is down to the individual ROM.

When you are playing the game and want to save, you’ll either need to select save (from inside the game) or the game will save from time to time. Again this is all down to how the original game functioned – we have no way of changing this.

Now, and this is the key bit!!

While you are in the game (either playing or at the game menu etc), you must NOT turn the console off or reset it – using the slider under the console. If you reset or turn off, your latest save will not have been, errm, saved.


You MUST press SELECT and ‘Y’ at the same time.

We’ll say that again, press SELECT and ‘Y’ at the same time.


You will then see a screen which has 2 options. Press B to save and continue or Press A to quit to menu.

PRESS A – this will then take you out of the game and back to the Retrospex menu.  From here you can start the game (and load your save) or select a new game to play or turn the console off using the slider. The choice, as they say, is all yours.

And that’s all there is to it.

Assuming the game has a built in save game function then you will find your game has been saved.

Lovely job – enjoy!!