An emulator is a computer program that can run game files (called roms). There are different emulators that play different types of games.


Our USB controllers are compatible with many free emulators, and the most suitable emulator depends on the type of games you want to play and your controller (e.g. a NES emulator is more suitable for a NES controller). This page lists some of the best emulators for different types of games, along with links to their developers’ websites where they can be downloaded and installed for free.




We recommend VirtuaNES to use to play NES games on your PC with our NES PC Controller (or other usb controllers). Other emulators include FCEUX, Jnes, Nestopia, Nesticle, NESten, NesterJ, RockNES, Nintendulator, fwNES, FakeNES, UberNES, higan, 80five, MarioNES, Nemulator, HalfNES, RetroCopy and olafnes.



ZSNES is a great emulator to play SNES games on your computer with our SNES PC Controller (or other usb controllers). Other emulators include Snes9x, bsnes, higan, SNEeSe and SnEM.



Project64 is one of the most reputable Nintendo 64 PC emulators available, and would be good to use with the N64 PC Controller (or other usb controllers). There’s also emulators called 1964, UltraHLE, Mupen64, Nemu64, Corn, SupraHLE, Daedalus, UltraHLE 2064, TR64, Apollo and TRWin.



We recommend PCSX2 to emulate PS2 games if you have a PS2 controller and want to use a PS2 to PC adapter to play PS2 roms on your computer; otherwise, PS2emu and NeutrinoSX2 are other Playstation 2 emulators.



NES, SNES, N64 and Nintendo 64 are trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd, and Playstation 2 and PS2 are trademarks of Sony Corporation. We are only stating the fact that our controllers are compatible with emulators that can run different types of roms. We in no way are advertising our products as official Nintendo or Sony products, and our products are NOT manufactured by any such company or their subsidiaries.


We only recommend consumers who use emulators to emulate homebrew roms to prevent infringing the intellectual property of Nintendo, Sony and other developers. We do not condone the emulation of illegal roms and ask consumers to respect the intellectual property of others.


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